April 13, '19

2012 Talent Lineup

Cactus Twang & Whyte 

Back again for another outstanding performance. Retro Rock and Beyond is the sound of Cactus Twang & Whyte, a who can bring you "Back to the Garden," as if you were listening to Crosby Stills & Nash, in a beat of the guitar.

"Cactus" Jim Soldi is a guitar player extraordinaire, who the late Johnny Cash called "the best guitar player in the business." In addition to playing with Johnny Cash for four years, Soldi has played with Ricky Skaggs and Waylon Jennings and appeared on The Tonight Show and Nashville Now. Marc Twang, long regarded as a guitar-playing top-gun, has performed with Kenny Loggins, BJ Thomas and others, across the US and Europe. Sharon Whyte, who plays piano and accordian, has a background that ranges from classical to zydeco and has backed Billy Ray Cyrus, Kenny Loggins, Dan Seals and others. Cactus Twang & Whyte form the core of The Eve Selis Band, while also performing on their own—offering retro rock and beyond.

www.back-to-the-garden.net See the writeup in the Ramona Home Journal 4/1/11



Experience ROCKOLA!

Vintage guitars, vintage clothing, and three decades of the greatest Rock, Roll, Pop, and Soul ever written have earned this San Diego based quartet no less than eight San Diego Music awards. The band’s vocal sound has been the key to their long and continuing success. Four-part harmonies are the order of the day as they shift from the rough-and-tumble exuberance of the British Invasion to the West Coast sun sounds of the “California Dreamin’” scene. Add some Motown/Soul and a helping of plain old American Rock & Roll, and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.


Agavero Revue

Music: the way it should be played. The boys of Agavero Revue play hits from Lynard Skynard, Buffalo Springfield, and The Rolling Stones to The Strokes, The Black Keys, and Santana. Mix in country dance tunes from Dwight Yokam, Motown soul from Jackie Wilson, and your feet won't leave the dance floor.

The band has played the Drew Brees Golf Classic in Rancho Santa Fe, the Stephen Strasburg 5K run at SDSU, and will be playing the Ramona Rodeo for the second year in a row.


Baja Blues Boys

baja blues boys

Baja Blues Boys play electrified Delta Blues in the spirit of the sound that came out of Chicago when the blues came to the big city from Mississippi in the 40's and 50's.

Their album "Gone Away, Someday" showcases a mix of original and traditional tunes including the award-winning song "Roof of Hell."


Samples of our CD can be heard on iTunes or at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bajabluesboys
Contact: info@bajabluesboys.com


A new band out of San Diego with a solid sound! No website or CD available yet, but we hope to be able to publish some contact information here soon.

Dusty and the Love Notes

Dusty and the Love Notes

On the debut CD, What Did You Expect?, Dusty and the LoveNotes take us on a trail ride full of heart-felt stories about love, longing, being true to our beliefs and finally, finding ourselves. In the tradition of folk and country music, Dusty reaches out with her voice and lyrics telling compelling stories and singing them with a raw sincerity. The new release delivers a blend of original and retro folk rock and country-inflected songs with a combination of acoustic and electric instruments tastefully played by Indian Joe (lead guitar and bass), Dusty (rhythm guitar and flute) and Sam Sailors (drums). Their concept is fresh and simple and showcases the clever lyrics and melodies of each tune. From the first track, “Antigua,” written in the cockpit of a friend’s sailboat, to the humorous yet poignant “Blue Satin Thong,” a song about leaving your lover and knowing they will miss you, Dusty paints sonic pictures of real life experiences. “I want to be a positive example for my “sisters” to show they can do anything they want to do at any moment in their life, just like I am.” An honest statement from this modern day minstrel. After all, what did you expect?

October 2011 Ramona Sentinel Article


The Lost Coyotes

Tim E. Tadd, Mike Alan, and RB Courtney comprised 3/4 of The Lost Coyotes band in the early 90s. They had great success with their mix of classic country rock favorites and Top 40 Country dance music. They developed a style that kept the dance floor busy with two-steps and various line dances, which were very popular back in the day... The Coyotes played regularly in several local clubs, as well as appearances at The Wild Animal Park, and San Diego Bay Harbor Cruise ships, including a memorable performance on a KSON Country late night dance cruise. 

In the mid 90s the band split up to pursue other interests, and the three of us remained busy for the ensuing years in various other bands and musical projects. Tim and Mike worked together in a band for several years, a project which came to an end in 2010. They decided it would be fun to re-unite with RB to recreate the magic of The Lost Coyotes. After a brief stint as a trio, they were fortunate to connect with local Ramona mainstay Jim Nau, an accomplished musician who had played in a band with Mike and RB a few years lost coyotes logoback. Jim plays acoustic and electric guitar, as well as electric piano and organ, adding the necessary dimension to give the band a rich and full sound, and with that, the band was up and running! 

The Lost Coyotes promise to bring you a night of fun, memorable songs. We love to keep the dance floor busy, keep the toes tapping, and bring smiles to our audience. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

For more information, please visit their website at www.lostcoyotes.com

Royal Blues Jazz Band

Royal Blue Jazz Band

Come listen to the award winning Royal Blues Jazz Band perform some of their Festival winning selections! 

The Royal Blues have received numerous Superior ratings this year - you won't be disappointed!  

 Thank you for your support! 

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